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How to Prepare Your New Home Before Moving In
Posted on Sat, 30 Jan 2016, 01:10:00 PM  in Home buying tips

When you finally purchase your brand-new home, you're eager to move in as soon as possible. However, this empty property is a perfect opportunity for you to clean and update the space. There are no furniture obstacles that must be moved or daily routines to interrupt. Before you move in, take a few days or weeks to thoroughly clean out your new property. It'll feel like home the moment you finally move all of your personal items inside.

Clean and Paint the Walls

Prepare Your New Home Before Moving InMost sellers pull their artwork from the wall and leave the space untouched. You'll notice grease and dust sticking to the walls and unsightly nail holes. Purchase some mineral spirits and carefully wipe down the walls from the ceiling to the floor. These chemicals will draw all of the dirt and fatty residues off of the painted surface. Fill in the nail holes with putty and smooth them out. Your walls can be quickly painted at this point so that the entire room has a fresh beginning for your family.

Rent a Carpet Shampooer

Carpets will always have some wear to them as you move in after another family. Unless you're replacing the carpet entirely, it's time to rent a shampoo machine. Run this shampooer across your carpet at least two times. The carpet is clean when the wastewater appears clear to the eye. Alternatively, you can hire a professional carpet-cleaning company. You'll pay extra money for the expert labor, but they usually have industrial tools and chemicals that can draw tough stains out of the carpet.

Replace the Door Locks

The property's previous owners will usually have their old keys with them when they move out. As a precaution, change the locks on the doors around the home. Although it's rare that the previous owners might try their keys on your doors, you want to be as safe as possible. In fact, you can upgrade the standard locks to electronic types if you desire. Unlocking your front door with your smartphone is becoming a widespread technology across the real estate industry.

Measure and Install Window Accents

Blinds, curtains and other dressings will often be customized to your home's window sizes. Instead of living in the home with bare windows, measure and purchase your dressings before you officially move in. You'll have time to pick out a style and installation day that works for your schedule. Installers will also have an easier time accessing the windows without any cabinets or other furniture standing in the way. If there's a sizing issue, you have plenty of time for a redesign before moving in.

Scrub the Bathrooms

The bathrooms are often dirty when you first move in. Concentrate on one bathroom at a time, and scrub it clean. Begin at the ceiling level, and wipe down shower walls and fixtures. Complete the cleaning process at the toilet's base. If you notice any stains along the floor, you have a chance to pull out the flooring and inspect the subfloor. In most cases, your bathroom will only need a basic cleaning so that you can decorate it afterward with personal items.

If you're tempted to test all of the major systems within the home before moving in, it's a smart idea to do so. The home inspection that was performed before your offer was finalized should have covered every part of the HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems. As a precautionary measure, test these systems again by turning them on for a full cycle. In the end, you'll have no surprises on your real move-in day when every item is thoroughly tested, cleaned and adjusted.

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Six Ways to Remodel Your New Home’s Bathroom
Posted on Mon, 23 Nov 2015, 09:20:00 AM  in Home selling tips

If you are moving into a home, then it is essential to update the bathroom to make it look its best. The best way to remodel a bathroom is to make all of the upgrades at once because it is less inconvenient. While contractors remodel a bathroom, they must turn off water to the area, and by having all of the fixtures replaced at the same time, you will only need to stay in a hotel for a few days. Here are a few of the changes that are necessary to make a bathroom look up-to-date. 

One: Replacing the Plumbing Located Behind Walls

An older home needs to have its bathroom plumbing fixtures replaced to prevent leaks that damage materials such as drywall, insulation and electrical wiring. Small drips of moisture inside wall spaces can lead to mold growth that is a health hazard. If you suspect that water pipes and connectors are leaking, then contractors must tear away the walls to replace these devices. This means removing tiles from the bathroom’s walls along with tearing out sink cabinets and toilets. To replace all of the plumbing fixtures, the contractors must gut the bathroom first.

Two: Installing New Toilets

Toilets are probably the most used fixture inside a home but is often the device that homeowners replace last because it is not considered glamorous. If your bathroomolder home has an ancient toilet without any special features, then consider upgrading to a device that is attractive and more functional. To save water, choose a low-flow model, and select from features such as automatic flushing, warmed seats or toilets with gripping bars on the sides that are helpful for infirm individuals. 

Three: Top-Of-The-Line Bathtubs

There is nothing more relaxing in a home than a comfortable bathtub, and today, there are many designs available. You can choose from freestanding models that are perfect for large bathrooms or a home with a rustic bathroom decor. Homeowners may want a huge soaking bathtub that makes it easy for more than one person to recline in the fixture. Alternatively, there are new bathtub designs that feature chairs on the inside or grab bars to prevent falling on slippery surfaces. 

Four: New Bathroom Sink Designs

No matter whether you need a tiny sink for a powder room located underneath a stairway or a huge sink in a master bedroom’s bathroom, there are numerous beautiful designs to choose from for a home. There are an assortment of colors and shapes available including, round, square and oval to complement the other decor inside a bathroom. You can also choose specialized faucets that are low-flow or that have handles designed for individuals with mobility issues. 

Five: Attractive Bathroom Storage Space

Old-fashioned bathrooms were not designed with enough storage space for all of the items needed for health, beauty and cleaning purposes, but a contractor can create a design with more closets, cabinets and shelves. It is possible to have shelves installed near bathtubs, toilets or sinks. Homeowners might prefer having under the sink cabinets that have drawers instead of doors. 

Six: Extra Features to Make a Bathroom Safer

When you are planning a bathroom remodel, make sure to request a ceiling exhaust fan to remove humidity to prevent mold on surfaces. Choose materials, including paint and wallpaper that are resistant to growing mold and creating mildew odors. Select floor tile that is slip proof to prevent falls on wet surfaces. This is a good time to install safety features such as grab bars on walls that are located near bathtubs and toilets to help senior citizens remain independent. 


How May I Contact You?

Please ask me your question by filling out this form. You will receive an answer to your question at the first opportunity I have to reply. I appreciate the time you have taken.



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